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Title Location Job Level Date
Global Key Account Manager Houston, TX, US Professional 05-Jul-2019
Operational Key Account Manager (OKAM) Houston, TX, US Professional 28-Jun-2019
District Head of Operational Key Account Manager (DHoOKAM) Houston, TX, US Professional 26-Jun-2019
Field Sales Mexico, Mexico Professional 11-Jul-2019
Regional Lead of Information Security Singapore, Singapore Management 05-Jul-2019
BU Operations Manager - Soyo Soyo, Angola Professional 25-Jun-2019
Field Sales Mexico, Mexico Professional 10-Jul-2019
Sales Representative Mexico, Mexico Professional 10-Jul-2019
Regional Tender Manager (f/m/d) Europe Frankfurt am Main, Germany Professional 11-Jul-2019
Business Development Manager/ Gerente de Desenvolvimento de Negócios (160903/1619/AS) Sao Paulo, Brazil Professional 05-Jul-2019
District Tender Management Assoc. Secaucus, NJ, US Professional 08-Jul-2019
District Tender Management Los Angeles, CA, US Professional 14-Jul-2019
Air Export Customer Service Agent Chicago, IL, US Entry-level 19-Jul-2019
Country Air Freight Procurement & Product Manager Singapore Singapore, Singapore Management 16-Jul-2019
Internationalen Tender Manager (w/m/d) für Europa Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland Spezialist 11-Jul-2019
Warehouse Inventory Supervisor Secaucus, NJ, US Management 26-Jun-2019
Air Freight Export Manager Cairo, Egypt Professional 02-Jul-2019
IT Project Manager, Client Warehouse Move Secaucus, NJ, US Professional 18-Jul-2019
Corporate Server Security Engineer Lisbon, Portugal Professional 07-Jul-2019
Country Accounting Assistant - Luanda Luanda, Angola Professional 16-Jul-2019
BU Head of Customs Brokerage - CABINDA Cabinda, Angola Período Integral 25-Jun-2019
BU Warehouse Supervisor Operations Brussels, Belgium Professional 18-Jul-2019
Iraq - Country Accountant Basra, Iraq Entry-level 16-Jul-2019
Warehouse Supervisor Chicago, IL, US Management 09-Jul-2019
Corporate Information Security & Risk Manager Lisbon, Portugal Professional 26-Jun-2019
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